How to Tell Your Parents You Are Bisexual Men

Come out as bisexual men is a tough process, you may feel anxious, nervous, scared, talking about your sexual behavior as a bisexual men with your family is a big step in developing your independence and self-confidence. Bisexuality is often considered negative, and bisexual men are always discriminated and threatened by familiar people in real life. Although friends and loved ones often understand your lifestyle and identity, as you grow older and need to start a family business, parents and family members will hesitate and even criticize the changes you have experienced. In order for parents and family to accept you, you need to plan ahead and take steps to ensure that the conversation is effective.

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1. if you can, tell them personally

If you can, tell them personally. This seems to be a difficult topic, and you can start this topic by saying something like "I want to tell you something important because you are important to me." I can comfort my parents and show that I feel comfortable with bisexual men, such as "I am very happy, I am very healthy."

2. the occasion and the way the conversation is important

It is a good choice to ask this topic in the car. You can raise this topic with your parents in the car. In this communication, eye contact is not as frequent as face-to-face, which may ease your nervousness.

Go out and walk. Walking is the best way to engage in any form of dialogue with anyone. The fresh air and relaxed posture will provide you with a comfortable and relaxing environment, ease the tension of the conversation and let you share a meaningful conversation.

3. straightforward

If your parents are unsure of what you mean when you tell them that you are a bisexual man, please follow up on the topic "I am interested in both men and women."

4. Letter or text message

Face-to-face conversations can be overly intense and uncontrollable. Especially if you come from a positive religious belief, cultural one-wayness or lack of sexual dialogue, telling parents that you are a bisexual men may make them feel uneasy or have excessive emotional reactions. Then text and phone are the best choices.Letters allow you to express your thoughts openly, slowly and clearly. You can also express your love for your parents and share everything you want to express.

5.slowly and calmly

You want to make sure that they can understand what you are saying, and more importantly, you want to express a comfortable calm. Keeping you calm will also help your parents stay calm. Try "I am very satisfied with my sexual orientation. I am happier and more confident than before. Of course, I still hope that you will become part of my life and keep sharing love."

6. Get support from relatives and friends

Maybe you can foresee the reaction of your parents, they will be angry and angry. Make sure you have someone you can rely on, tell them what you are going to do, and they will know how to handle the discussion and provide some useful suggestions. When you talk to your parents, your relatives and friends will give you a support and help.

7. Be patient

There are some bisexual dating sites, such as bi curious dating sites, that can be used as a resource to handle this situation. Before deciding when and how to tell your parents, go online and search for suggestions and tips from these organizations.

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